Case Studies

Our work says more about our business than we ever could. We therefore feel its the best way to show our clients the calibre of our work. See some examples of our work below.

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IT Service Contracts

Contracts to keep your IT running smoothly.

Database Design

Bespoke systems for your business.

Telephone Systems

Scalable IP phone systems to suit your business.

Website and Intranet Design

Unique design for your company's Website or Intranet.

Disaster Recovery

Full recovery service for your IT system.

SharePoint Solutions

Installation and Management of SharePoint products.

Marine Installation

Satellite and IT systems for domestic or commercial vessels.

Anti Virus and Anti Spam

Keep your IT system protected from viruses and spam.

CRM and ERP Solutions

Bespoke CRM/ERP software to suit your business.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtual computing to streamline your IT systems.

Naturally Wild Case Study

Naturally Wild needed a complete CRM system to manage all of their customers and projects. They needed the ability to assign projects to these customers with automated reminders.

They were previously using a collection of Excel files which was resulting in duplicated data, and huge amounts of time updating files and keeping track of when tasks needed to be completed

We built them a system which would bring all of these files together into a single package, drastically reducing their workload and making sure they were also updated with tasks that needed completing.

The basis of the system is a database of their customers and clients. Each has its own record with all of the information about that client that the company could need. All of this information is available at quick glance with the ability to perform tasks quickly from this overview.

On top of this are the projects. Naturally wild are able to create a project for a client and keep track of its progress throughout its life-cycle. Automatic updates are also sent out informing staff members of site visits and tasks on a project that have passed their dates.

Invoices can then be generated from a project either during the life-cycle of a project, or at the end when the project is completed. Invoices will also send out updates to staff members informing them of invoices which haven’t been paid after a certain period.

The final system has saved the company many hours of work, allowing them to focus their time on other areas of the business.

To find out more about Naturally Wild, take a look at their website here. To find out more about the system and how it could work for you, please contact us.