Case Studies

Our work says more about our business than we ever could. We therefore feel its the best way to show our clients the calibre of our work. See some examples of our work below.

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IT Service Contracts

Contracts to keep your IT running smoothly.

Database Design

Bespoke systems for your business.

Telephone Systems

Scalable IP phone systems to suit your business.

Website and Intranet Design

Unique design for your company's Website or Intranet.

Disaster Recovery

Full recovery service for your IT system.

SharePoint Solutions

Installation and Management of SharePoint products.

Marine Installation

Satellite and IT systems for domestic or commercial vessels.

Anti Virus and Anti Spam

Keep your IT system protected from viruses and spam.

CRM and ERP Solutions

Bespoke CRM/ERP software to suit your business.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtual computing to streamline your IT systems.

Timesheet System Case Study

Our proprietary timesheet system has been adopted by a few of our clients, allowing their staff to quickly submit timesheets to a global database which can be easily reported on.

The system can run independently, or it can be integrated with a companies existing Active Directory, allowing existing users to access the system without any additional setup.

When submitting a timesheet, the system has a host of features that make the take faster. These include; calendar weeks are colour coded so you can quickly see which timesheets have been submitted/approved or awaiting approval; previous projects and tasks are pre-populated in the timesheet, saving you having to find and add them in; totals for working hours are calculated on the fly so you don’t need to calculate these at the end; tasks can be set to required meaning they have to be completed by users.

When managing timesheets, a user that has permission to approve/decline timesheets simply needs to click a button to do so, the system takes care of everything else. Users also have access to historical timesheets that they have approved, allowing them to go back through timesheets for reference.

The timesheet system features a host of reports that allow users to get total working time for individuals, projects and tasks. There are also filters for report generation that let you specify users, projects and even time periods.

For power users the system also allows you to run the system as another person. This feature comes in useful if someone is on holiday or off sick and they have timesheets that require approval.

If you want more information about the system and how it could benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.