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We provide a range of services to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology. Whether you need advice on IT hardware, or a bespoke software solution to speed up productivity, we have something to help your company.

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IT Service Contracts

Contracts to keep your IT running smoothly.

Database Design

Bespoke systems for your business.

Telephone Systems

Scaleable IP phone systems to suit your business.

Website and Intranet Design

Unique design for your company's Website or Intranet.

Disaster Recovery

Full recovery service for your IT system.

SharePoint Solutions

Installation and Management of SharePoint products.

Marine Installation

Satellite and IT systems for domestic or commercial vessels.

Anti Virus and Anti Spam

Keep your IT system protected from viruses and spam.

CRM and ERP Solutions

Bespoke CRM/ERP software to suit your business.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtual computing to streamline your IT systems.

Cloud Dictation Systems

Dictate and Transcribe in the cloud.

Microsoft Hyper-V England

Virtual Machine Computing.

At MCWare IT Solutions we are passionate about virtual computing and implementing virtualisation into your organization. After all, most England based companies are interested in the benefits of having all your servers in one place:

With virtualisation, you also have the benefit of greater flexibility and the ability to create new servers in minutes instead of provisioning new physical servers which can take days or weeks.

Virtual machines are hardware independent and can run on most x86 hardware without requiring any changes or modifications.

Changes or instability in one virtual machine are completely isolated from other virtual machines on the same host.


Test new software on virtual machines and if you are not happy with the results rollback your machine to before the software was installed. Create virtual machines for training purposes and simply delete when no longer required. No need to wait for hours to get back to where you were before it went wrong.

Carry virtual machines round on a pen drive for use on any computer. An entire server - operating system image, application, data, configurations and state - is now simply stored as a file on disk. This is known as encapsulation and transforms and simplifies tasks such as server migration, backup and recovery, replication and disaster recovery provision.

High Availability

Disaster recovery is transformed by providing a rapid, reliable, cost-effective and simplified recovery process. A back up duplicate system will kick in if a heart beat is missed on the main server making a seamless transition.

Concern with the cost of power is a recent development for companies. Skyrocketing energy costs and 'Global warming' have raised the issue, reducing energy usage and being more efficient in general is going to be important for every company.

Not Sure Where All Your Servers Are?

Large sites such as Universities often don't know how many servers they have let alone where they are. This security risk can be addressed using server consolidation. Bring all of your servers back to a central point and in the process get control of your systems and back ups.

Using Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) provides the ultimate flexible system solution. At MCWare IT Solutions we will help you design a system suitable for your England based business. You will be amazed what you can do with virtual computing.