Business Services

We provide a range of services to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology. Whether you need advice on IT hardware, or a bespoke software solution to speed up productivity, we have something to help your company.

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IT Service Contracts

Contracts to keep your IT running smoothly.

Database Design

Bespoke systems for your business.

Telephone Systems

Scaleable IP phone systems to suit your business.

Website and Intranet Design

Unique design for your company's Website or Intranet.

Disaster Recovery

Full recovery service for your IT system.

SharePoint Solutions

Installation and Management of SharePoint products.

Marine Installation

Satellite and IT systems for domestic or commercial vessels.

Anti Virus and Anti Spam

Keep your IT system protected from viruses and spam.

CRM and ERP Solutions

Bespoke CRM/ERP software to suit your business.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtual computing to streamline your IT systems.

Cloud Dictation Systems

Dictate and Transcribe in the cloud.

SharePoint Solutions Tyneside

SharePoint is a CRM solution, a document manager, a shared calendar and many many more...In simple terms SharePoint is a complete business solution. Running inside a browser, SharePoint allows users to collaborate on documents with full versioning control, it allows users to communicate with each other regarding projects, and it allows users to organise their work in a clear and flowing manner.

With the latest SharePoint comes a whole new batch of features based on social collaboration and user profiling. Users can create their own profile page viewable throughout an organisation and displaying only the information they wish too. Users can also bookmark content creating a unique, dynamic news feed showing updates to the content they have tagged.

As well as out-of-the-box features, SharePoint is fully customisable from user interface to custom applications. Based on .NET© technology, SharePoint allows custom application development meaning if it doesn't do something exactly the way you want, an application can be developed that will.

Not only can SharePoint run as a company intranet, it can also be configured to run as an extranet or even a front facing internet site allowing for remote users, connecting through a secure logon using your Tyneside based companies existing active directory. SharePoint also supports custom logons and Federated Logon using a 3rd party authentication server.

We have lots of experience in SharePoint Installation and Management, we currently run the system ourselves and can't recommend it enough. MCWare IT Solutions can do everything for you from designing the system, installing it on your server and managing it from then on. We can even create custom applications should you need something unique and not included in the box.